For the over 10 years, we have been providing custom software development and services that fits perfectly the unique business challenges. We help businesses by designing, planning and creating custom software applications and we do it faster and more cost effectively. We adapt proven methods for successful software programming and project completion, and deliver solutions that are sure to exceed your expectations. Our developers are experts in rapid custom development of Enterprise Software solutions, distributed that are designed to meet your organizations specific requirements and business needs.

Offshore Development
AKS Soft is an offshore software development company providing the guarantee of cost savings, Dedicated technical staff and infrastructure, On time delivery software completion, Lower the cost for hiring, lowering the training and infrastructure costs, Privacy and more confidentiality of work, Access to Experience Staff, Fully reduced the capital and operational costs by save more than 40%, Immediate response to your queries, Hitech support for software industry, Complete quality and process management, Faster time-to-market adopt new technology, Access to well-trained and highly skilled man power, Additonal investments and capitals is less, Transforming fixed costs to variable costs and providing operational flexibility, Lower the service costs as compared with Onshore development companies Man power efforts estimation, Easy to negotiate and select appropriate technical skills staff to meet your development requirements.

AKS Soft has a capability to deliver reliable and high-quality solutions to the Preferred Outsourcing Partners. We maintain privacy and confidentiality protection of intellectual property rights and business relationship and work for long term collaboration to product updates, additional project software requirements, enhancements, new versions of the softwares. Robust processes, a rich portfolio of reusable frameworks and our services such as requirements analysis, application definition, system design, implementation and testing, data migration, multi system support, user training and managing onsite system. Our best practices of offshore software development keeping focus on the basics like scope, schedule, budget, quality, measurement, and repeatability for maximum customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Offshore Developments are:
Expanding an IT department in-house can dramatically increase costs and decrease operational efficiency
Hiring an Expert Sofware Developers easily work for you.
No Training and Infrastructure costs.
Monitor the complete work quality and flow in daily work status.
Our Company maintains the privacy and confidentiality.
Our Sofware Developers adopts new technology fastly.
No investments and capitals needed.
Lower the service costs as compared with Onshore development companies.
Faster response to your valuable queries.
On time delivery.
Full control over the project management in regular task reporting.
Process the work daily in Task Managment System.

AKS Soft is a leading offshore company in developing the ERP, CRM softwares. We have many satisfied clients worldwide (USA, UK, Malaysia, Sweden, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, China, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Ghana, Nepal, Poland, South Africa, New Zealand) who are using softwares of AKS Soft.

We are the leading provider of customized Web design, Web development, Customized Software and Marketing solutions. Our team in the Offshore Software Development center in India works in close collaboration with the client's onsite team. Our experienced team members first understand the business challenges and then propose to deliver scalable and stable solutions. We have a standardized offshore software development methodology which helps us provide cost-effective yet efficient software solutions to almost any industry.

At present to the global market, offshore outsourcing company specializes in providing professional, cost-effective offshore outsourcing services to customers across the globe, helping them to achieve their strategic business goals through our technical, proven domain expertise and Project Management skills. Our clients offshore business model will help you attain the standard of excellence that address your overall offshore development requirements and create value and sustainable competitive advantage. With our virtual Offshore development centre you can work and complete all the tasks. We appoint dedicated, capable, diligent and experiance staffs to provide optimum value and service to our customers. Their commitment and sense of responsibility help to generate a synergy that will enable you raise the standards of work to a more productive level. Our Development Services are professional and qualitative due to good project experience.

IT Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing helps you to hire a trusted partner who can take care of all your core functions and management. As the companies grows in size and operations, it becomes very difficult for them to manage everything on their own, due to this difficult for inviting them to the idea of outsourcing a certain part of their operations to an external party. Outsourcing to India become cheaper, cost-effective and high-quality solutions delivered on time. We are innovative and creative and combining these two qualities we offer efficient solutions to our clients. We believe in building lasting relationship with our clients by offering world class solutions in the most engaging manner. Our moto for is for,

Customer Satisfication

AKS Soft teams are engaged where the customer interacts with our team at the level of task lists. Our team has lead engineers, project lead and developers who manage by tasks assignment to individual team members, tracking task list and status of each task and managing availability of officers, sanctioning leave, temporary replacements and technical challenges in the tasks with the web development and providing widely appreciated web solutions to a global audience. We have an excellent development team who can be hired on different project basis. We work with customers to understand their technological needs and recommend the right approach and process for their projects.

Hire Now:-
.Net Developer
AJAX Developer
Android App Developer
Iphone App Developer
Flash, Action Script Designer
CSS, XHTML Designer
Web 2.0 Designers
Web & Graphic Designer
QA Tester's
Data Entry professionals

Expanding an IT department in-house can dramatically increase costs and decrease operational efficiency. IT outsourcing enables your business to enjoy optimum performance without losing focus on strategic business processes. AKS Soft analyzes your business requirements and develop highly scalable solutions intended to streamline all mission-critical processes. Depending on the size and complexity of your needs, we devote the required resources to your company with the ultimate goal of business growth now and for the future.

We all understand the importance of technology for our business success. We enable small & medium business owners to focus on their business and providing the complete IT Outsourcing to the partners and truth is that most of our recurring customers believe in doing business with us because we deploy our top resources from outside our customers team and the customer holds us responsible for completion of tasks as per pre decided priorities. Staff augmentation teams involve more intimate management of our team by the customers managers. We create effective solutions, maintaining high quality software development and constantly strive to exceed clients expectations.

Staff Augmentation Services

AKS Soft provides staffing and managed team services can help you augment your staff and manage your IT projects at a clear cost target. Staffing is a cost effective approach to quickly augment your staff with precise skills for a specified period of time. In our wide range of services, we are providing staff augmentation Services for high-end implementations to our clients. With the help of these highly reliable, efficient and flexible services, we have gained the maximum client satisfaction and achieved top most position in the industry. These services are provided to our clients as per their requirements and specifications and at cost-competitive prices. We have our client and consultant relationships, working with some of the most talented people and leading companies across the globe. it helps you address technical resource requirements with contract, contract to hire and direct hire IT recruiting services.

We provide the staff detail engineers who possess the relevant technologies and skill sets you require. Our competitive pricing is quoted on monthly rate for engineers according to the technical level engineers and programming experience. The service begins, we communicate directly by email, skype chat, or telephone, so that the offshore team members can respond promptly working with your team. You can control the progress of the offshore team by web-based project management tools. We can submit daily or weekly progress reports to customer needs. We provide us an abundant source of highly-skilled software engineers to ensure the high quality of our offshore staffing services.

A dedicated offshore software development team gives best approach for clients that have projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations. Some of the benefits are offers reduces risk, maintain low attrition, reduce HR and operational costs, increases return on investment, reduced administrative responsibilities, flexibility to hire staff in main business areas, opportunity to train the employee to specific skills, to hire only high performing talent in the organization. It helps us to control cost and maintain trade confidentiality. Our extended sourcing are highly effective processes for screening, testing and recruiting help you bring the best IT resources on board. We take more care to get you dedicated staff that can sustain and succeed even in challenging situations.

Benefits are listed below:-
Cost Effective - Hire an talent staff with lower costs and process of recruitment, human resources and infrastructure
Time Efficiency - Work with qualified staff who are dedicated to help you optimize your business results
Work Process- Work time sheets and weekly reports for enabling you to manage your team easily
Team Effect - Direct access to your remote team to whom you can manage and assign projects. It is just like to manage the internal employees.

AKS Soft contract Staff Augmentation services enables you in getting qualified and experienced personnel to suit your requirements working exclusively for you from our offices. It is a perfect way to accomplish your special or seasonal projects without adding a permanent staff. It is committed to providing customer services that are highly effective and provide transparency without no hidden costs.

Staff Augmentation services enables you in getting qualified and experienced personnel to fit your requirements working exclusively for you from our offices. It is a perfect way to accomplish your special projects without adding a permanent staff. It provides skilled offshore staffs that possess both experience and expertise to work for your team. Offshore staffing is a successful business solution, it helps your businesses cut down on costs without any compromise with the quality of work.

AKS Soft provides you quality IT resources working offshore for your organization just like an extension of your in house teams. Our world class infrastructure and facilities guarantees you excellent staffing. By making good use of secured internet technologies, protected encryption techniques and virtual private networks, we enable offshore staff to work directly under the systems of your office. We make good use of web-based tools to run projects, everyday jobs, and documents between your supervisors and members of the offshore team.

Hire Developers

AKS Soft is a leading offshore software development company offering high quality, robust, efficient and secure application development services. We offer cost effective, responsible and consistent hiring services to our customers. Our developers have more experience on delivering the real world web applications or solutions to clients. Our team is dedicated, skilled and proficient developers work only on your projects and as per your requirements and customization. You can directly coordinate and monitor dedicated resources work daily or weekly. You can hire a full time or part time individual on a virtual based as per your requirement. We will be responsible for employing, training and managing the resources.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Staff:-
Perfect infrastructure
Hire developers and communcicate with IM, Skype, email and phone.
Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly contract basis.
Experienced and highly skilled management team to look your projects and resources dedicated to you.
Manage projects with internal management tool
Cost effective to pay less than the onshore employee.
Your job done without salary commitment to Onshore employee.
No additional payment or wages like in-house employee.
8 Hours per Day, 5 Days a Week from Monday to Friday.
Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.

Our customers by providing quality workforce with flexible cost savings. Our service representative will respond to you within one business day with full specification of service. Once we get your approval, the design and development work will be initiated with support and maintenance. The Benefits of outsourcing are many and one of them is hiring dedicated resources for your work which gives advantage over hiring a permanent onshore staff. Staff Augmentation is a sure way to maximize productivity and profitability since you get maximum output.

The business owners have started realizing the benefits of offshoring, hiring developer to reduce their in-house operating cost and this developer work as part of in house team sitting few miles away. The dedicated teams will have complete access to all the facilities and support as other teams do and if required, will also be equipped with specialized needs as demanded by the clients. We have strong experienced technology experts available, secured development environment

Web applications :
ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, XML Web Services, WCF

Middle Tier Technologies:
.NET Remoting, .Net Web Services, Windows Communications Foundation (WCF)

SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008,SQL Server Express Edition

Technologies & languages:
ASP.NET 4.5, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0, LINQ, WPF, WCF, WWF, AJAX, MVC3, C#, VB.Net, HTML, JavaScript, XML

Our expert team of .Net development starts working on the project by planning the process and only after analyzing the clients requirements. You are given the flexibility of making changes or taking new decisions. Timely communication is ensured along with regular feedback and support. You are even allowed to supervise the work in regular intervals and depending upon the suitability and requirements, you can hire developers who work on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis and we follow the below hiring for developer.

1.) Dedicated Hiring
2.) Flexible Hiring
3.) Project Based Hiring

Custom Application Development

AKS Soft do custom software development and analyze the situation and discuss the application development. We carefully consider your business requirements and create a functional specification, which you approve. Then we do the custom application software development, organized according to the work flow, at the end of each stage, you check the solution and see the progress and finally we use the QA services for our specialized team throughout the whole custom software development process so that you get a quality system at the end and we help you to implement the system and begin using it and educate your personnel and provide you with additional support and maintenance.

The advantages are:
Software development is based on your requirements and work flow
You will get a customized solution that is ideally suited to the needs of your business.
Detailed analysis of application requirement
Proper Execution of Software Development Lifecycle
Transparent, honest, Flexible and responsive Work Culture
Development of quality solutions
Budgeted & Timely delivery
We bear all the responsibility and take the project towards completion.

If you are looking for a reliable custom application development company, we are the exact match. Contact us and check that yourself.

For the over 10 years, we have been providing custom software development that fits perfectly the unique business challenges. We help businesses by designing, planning and creating custom software applications and we do it faster and more cost effectively. We adapt proven methods for successful software programming and project completion, and deliver solutions that are sure to exceed your expectations. Our developers are experts in rapid custom development of Enterprise Software solutions, distributed that are designed to meet your organizations specific requirements and business needs.

It gives you the freedom to adapts quickly and effectively to the constantly evolving business requirements and technological changes
Our methodology ensures deliverables are all high quality
It makes scope for accommodating feedback and change requests easily at any stage of development
We makes it possible for the customers to be involved in the project at every stage

AKS Soft is a custom software development company has web enabled that modifies data and has a large number of users. We understand that every business is different. We have wide experience of working on software applications that include the varied aspects of businesses such as finance, sales or booking systems and data sharing. It is unique business challenges require enterprise solutions. We help businesses to streamline their business processes, deliver excellent products to their customers and maximize their revenues. We deliver cloud applications that help your business, practices and experiences.

We have flexible engagement models, business process experts, process oriented approach and documentation, highly skilled and experienced workforce, dedicated testing and quality control. It is dynamic, hugely experienced project managers and consultants and friendly. It is reliable and robust .NET framework development for an outstanding performance as well as serves as the future proof solution to cultivate the growth of the organization. We are providing a large scale of high-end programming services to the clients across the sphere. At outsourcing, offshore .NET development services, we are top of the line software solutions in various industrial markets and domains, including finance, IT, healthcare, tours and travels, insurance and others.

We are dedicated in providing the reliable and cost effective .NET development services since the commencement year of our organization. We have a large team of experts working on the same, and they have sound experience of using Microsoft .NET technology. Before hiring any professionals, we examine each candidate comprehensively on the basis of their innovative skills and previous expertise and thats why we ensure world class solutions for our clients.

Our Custom Software Development Services leverage the technical expertise of our professionals who are empowered with latest technology software and tools, to offer customized applications of various flavours including business intelligence solutions, e-business solutions, custom application development, ERP and CRM solutions. We are highly customized website application development services that include variety of technology and tools to achieve the desired results and business propositions. Our highly innovative and customized website application development services have profited numerous clients with their feature rich and highly focussed designs and architecture.

Dedicated Development

We are dedicated to provide reliable and cost effective development services. We are experienced offshore software development company and capable of providing a highly talented dedicated offshore team of professionals fully equipped with required infrastructure to execute your software designing and development.

Our advantages we offer:-
Specialists with necessary qualifications
Dedicated staff assigned to your requirements and work flow
Software development is based on your requirements and work flow
Detailed analysis of application requirement
Proper Execution of Software Development Lifecycle
Transparent, honest, Flexible and responsive Work Culture
Development of quality solutions
Budgeted & Timely delivery
We bear all the responsibility and take the project towards completion.

Dedicated development team is an effective way to meet the needs of your project without the stress of adding permanent staff.
1.)Cost Effectiveness
2.)Time Efficiency
3.)Team Extensibility
4.)Workforce Transparency
Dedicated teams give your business the flexibility to raise the intensity of your works output while maintaining complete control within your organization. Your business will be able to quickly adapt to changing workloads without the fear of hiring full time annual wages. call us today to gain reliable access to external technology professionals, developers, and programmers who have the specific qualifications your project requires.

Cloud Web based Development

AKS Soft works with your key business and IT provider to understand requirements and identify the opportunities to leverage cloud computing to gain a competitive advantage, improve service levels, lower cost, increase revenue, preserve capital, and decrease operating risks. Cloud computing is transforming the industry as the enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud computing to increase platform efficiencies and allow greater business flexibility and scalability. Our benefits include standardization of technologies, simplification of software licenses, Cost Effective and cloud computing allows organizations to cut their IT infrastructure costs, maximize value and modernize the way IT services are delivered.

We are a leading cloud computing services company help businesses determine, evaluate and strengthen their IT resources by taking advantage of all that cloud computing can deliver and migrate IT assets which are on premise to appropriate cloud. It is imperative that IT leaders find solutions that can help with lowering capital expenses, driving cost down and yet improve IT effectiveness. Cloud computing represents an incredible business opportunity. However, it also means a significant make over of your current IT department, operations, resources, IT infrastructure, datacenter and programming models.

Build a realistic cloud strategy for your business. We start by understanding your business needs and challenges before we discuss technology or solutions. Our managed services to meet your requirements and agreed upon goals up front. Our managed solutions can support your business during transformational periods and provide administrative services during steady operating state. We can help you modernize your legacy applications by migrating it to the latest technologies and platforms that can adapt to your changing business needs and can deploy the design with implementation and migration services while providing options for future needs. It is the best practices methodology to work with your key business and IT stakeholders to strategize, plan, design, implement and manage the most cost-effective, flexible, safe, and responsive cloud environment for your business. We are expertise, tools and methodologies to help you leverage cloud computing to lower cost, increase revenue, preserve capital expenditure, reallocate resources, and decrease risk.

It is imperative that IT leaders find solutions that can help with lowering capital expenses, driving cost down and yet improve IT effectiveness. Cloud computing represents an incredible business opportunity. However, it also means a significant makeover of your current IT department, operations, resources, IT infrastructure, datacenter and programming models. The cloud offers opportunities to leverage new productivity enhancing applications quickly and identify opportunities to leverage cloud computing to gain a competitive advantage, improve service levels, lower cost, increase revenue, preserve capital, and decrease operating risks. It helps you identify, evaluate and plan realistic cloud options

Cloud computing makes your most important software accessible from any computer or mobile device coming either from big worldwide companies. The capability provided to the consumer is to deploy onto the cloud infrastructure created by consumer or acquired applications created using programming languages and tools supported by the provider. The cloud infrastructure is made available to the general public or a large industry group and is owned by an organization selling cloud services

Mobile Application Development

Android is one of the best selling smartphone operating systems in the world. A platform by Google, Android covers a considerably large chunk of the total market of mobile users. This means Android apps development is must to reach maximum users.

We at Classic Informatics, love Android devices and more than that, we love developing Android apps. We have worked closely with various industries to understand user trends and help clients capitalize on what people love about Android Apps. The industries we have worked with include:

Real Estate
Social & Communication
Geo location & Travel
Media & Entertainment
Retail & eCommerce
Educational & e-Learning

Key Solutions:-

At Classic Informatics we have some of the best minds Android developers working with us. Our aim is to deliver only the best and high quality solutions to our clients that fit their expectations perfectly. We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing the following solutions:

Custom Android Application:

Regardless of the size and nature of your Android project, our experts build awesome Android Applications that are in-line with your business objectives.

Social Networking Application:
Who doesn’t love social networking? We love it more when networking through mobile. And the passion shows in the Social Networking Applications that we have developed so far.

Android Web Based Applications:
Whether your business challenge is simple or too complex, our talented developers build stunning web apps that addresses your business challenges well.

Applications for Multimedia Industry:
Our experience of working on multimedia apps ranges from music apps, games apps, entertainment apps, reading apps, writing apps and more.

Cross Platform Android Applications:
We develop and design amazing cross platform Android applications that fully meets your business requirements and keeps your customers happy.

Make The Most Of Android’s Customization Capabilities!

Android as a platform gives immense freedom and scope for customization. We can help your business make the most of Android’s customization capabilities to offer the best mobile experience to your customers. We build Android Apps that make full use of the of the hardware and software capabilities that an Android device comes with. We have experience of developing fully customized Android apps of the following types:

Location and Map Based Applications
Medical and Healthcare Apps
Shopping and mCommerce Apps
Facebook, Twitter and Social Apps
Enterprise, Productivity and Business Apps
Courier Delivery and Logistics Apps
Sales and Mobile workforce Apps

We follow the Agile approach to minimize risk by developing application in short time boxes, called iterations. Each iteration is like a miniature software project of its own. This gives clients and the freedom to implement changes that may come up at a later stage of the development process. Also, it makes the development process more transparent so that you know the progress of your project at every step.
We love our clients! And they keep coming back to us.

6 reasons why you should hire us:
We have worked on over 100 Android Apps
We have experience of working with all the versions of the Android Operating System
We have experience in developing Android apps that are compatible across the different screen resolutions including tablets
We have extensive experience working with the Google Play Store
We put user experience at the heart of every project
We have a great track record of delivering project on time and within client’s budget

Get in touch with our experts and discuss you Android project. We would love to hear from you!

Our Mobile Development Services will offer latest technologies to create mobile software solutions for various platforms such as iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Stable and secure mobile apps for all types of mobile platforms
We develop smarter and feature-rich mobile applications that transcend user expectations by harnessing the power of mobile technology
We offer high quality mobile apps at cost-effective prices to empower your business and reach your target audience at ease

Congruent, a mobile application development company, deliver mobility solutions by merging high performing features & functionalities coupled with best in class user experience. With the right blend of technical and UI experts, Congruent designs and develops native, hybrid & mobile web apps for enterprises and ISVs on iOS, Android and Windows platform. Congruent understands the customer landscape and provides the end-to-end solution approach that enables them with the complete lifecycle management of their application.

Congruent takes customers through their mobility journey, be it for utilities for users or strategic enterprise mobility. Congruent makes sure that it takes customer’s idea and improvises to help them achieve the best possible end result. Native Application
Mobile Web Application
Mobile Hybrid

Our mobile application development service offerings:
Extending application landscape to mobile devices through consulting services
Analyzing the requirement and suggesting platform for adoption
UI Prototype design
Develop Application
Deploy and Distribute
Post production support
Mobile device management

With mobile technology becoming the focus nowadays and the world turning wireless, Mobile Application Development is on rise. We have wide experience in Mobile Apps Development and has harnessed mobile technology for platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Symbian. We are experts in iPhone Application Development and expertise in using Cocoa and XCode frameworks.

We leverages offshore cost and resources advantage to reduce development cost and time across various mobile application developments. Our Mobile Apps Developers are experienced in developing and porting mobile applications in phone, Android and Windows 7 phones.

We have proven Mobile Application Development expertise to address your needs from simple SMS alert to full-blown Mobile Product Development requirements. We focus on mobile application needs and how it will fit within existing businesses. Even if one has a brief business concept of a mobile application, we will deliver a comprehensive solution that meets their business objectives. Our unique mobile service offerings create customer confidence in the development of a mobile application during its entire life cycle.

Sales Force Automation
Inventory Tracking and Verification
Mobile Service Force Management
Logistics Tracking and Warehouse Management
Integration with backend ERP software systems
Mobile Product Development and Testing Services
Feed Reading System in iPhone
Shopping Services in iphone
GPS based application development for iPhone
Game Application development for iPhone
Professional cooking training services in iPad
File Sharing System in iPad

Mobile Application Development
Tracking item status and synchronization
CRM based Mobile product development

Mobile phone usage is rising exponentially every year and arrival of the smart phones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry have completely transformed this industry. Blackberry and iPhone have pioneering features, which are ideally suited for business and financial management. Our mobile app developers analyze the scope of your business and targeted customers to craft your-business-specific, mobile applications which completely put the business reins in your hands and empower you to drive up your ROI. We delivers expert mobile application development services from its Offshore Development Centre so that you get high quality apps at affordable prices and empower your business to rival businesses to enjoy a distinctive competitive edge.

We are one of the most promising players in the mobile development services arena. In a constantly changing world, we adheres as one of the contenders in Mobile Development Services. At an attempt to increase the communication process of the millions today, we have taken swift steps at improving wireless communication facilities for our clients. We provide custom mobile software development to our clients and our diligent team of mobile app developers utilizes the latest and most recent technologies in the market.
We offer exceptional mobile application development services. As a responsible offshore mobile development company in India, we bring to you the following benefits of our full-fledged ODC.

Availability of complete mobile development services under one roof
Extensive experience in mobile applications development
Sound technical know-how of various mobile platforms like iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, & Windows
Close interaction with clients from beginning to the end of the mobile application development project
Smarter and intelligent features in applications that transcend user expectations
Multi-feature packed mobile UI design for greater user experience
Excellent mobile development solutions at affordable prices
Facility to hire iPhone / iPad, Android developers according to your project and budgetary constraints
Worldwide customer base

Mobile Applications Development
Mobile Compatible Websites
Mobile UI Design
Mobile E-Publishing

We provide comprehensive mobile development services that give your customers delightful user experience and increase ROI of your business, run over hand-held devices.

Highly experienced mobile app development team capable of developing from small, one time native apps to enterprise applications
Good mix of UI and functional experts capable of designing mobile applications which suit the needs of our customers and exceptionally interactive to use
Suggesting relevant features and functionality for your application after understanding the market and exact purpose of the application, such as branding, increasing revenue or introducing your business in mobile
We do not stop with design and development; we also provide support and maintenance for your application thereby acting as a single source for all your mobility needs
Assisting enterprises to make the most of mobility market for their business
On time delivery without compromising UI design
Dedicated mobile app testing lab to ensure applications are consistent across different browsers, OS and devices etc
Experienced in integrating in-house enterprise applications with mobile devices
Dedicated mobile app testing lab

Our Focus Areas
We have experience in building mobile applications specific in the following categories:
Enterprise Applications
Finance Applications
Entertainment Applications
Lifestyle Applications
Social Networking Applications
Health Care applications

Let us just think the way mobile has changed the whole world in last few years. Today, there are numerous interesting mobile applications available which makes the use of mobile phones more exciting. Our team of experience mobile software engineers. We provide custom mobile apps that match your expectations. Mobile app development will help you to grow your company with cutting edge advantage.

If you are looking at complete services of your mobile like IPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Java then we can surely provide you cutting edge solutions. You can also hire a dedicated developer based on your need.

Services we offer
End to end mobile solutions
Enterprise mobility solutions
Utility application development
Social networking application
Native mobile app
Mobile web app development
HTML5 mobile development
Mobile commerce
Global positioning system (GPS)
Hire mobile software developer

We have established an expertise in the mobile domain by acquiring an extensive know-how of building groundbreaking mobile applications on the major mobile operating systems.

Integration with Restful Services

Facebook, Twitter Integration, Barcode reader, Google map integration, App publications on Google play and Apple App store

Mobile Application Development

Windows services

MS .NET compact Framework 1.0 MS, 3.0, Windows Mobile SDK 7.5, integrated development environment

Mobile development team has always been ahead of the curve. Today, we have several cutting-edge gaming, entertainment, productivity, utility, finance, and education-related apps in the Apple App Store that are being downloaded, used and enjoyed on a daily basis. The iPhone offers a range of possibilities across all businesses and industries. our some of the best onshore and offshore iPhone application developers and the best onshore and offshore iOS programmers who can help your business develop the kind of iPhone applications that will take your business to new levels.

Why iPhone Application?

Small And Mobile
Increasingly Popular
Always Personal
Global Brand Exposure
User Friendly And Intuitive

Custom iPhone Apps to Expand the Possibilities

We provides custom iPhone App development solutions to a range of businesses and entrepreneurs looking to streamline their environments. Whether your business plans to develop an iPhone native application or an iPhone web application, mobile app developers use years of experience and expertise in latest mobile technologies to create exactly what you need.

We offers:
iPhone app conceptualization to submission
iPhone application design and user interface
Onshore and offshore iPhone application development

Our iPhone consultants will help your organization determine the right type of iPhone application development solution. If you are having trouble to choose among business or entertainment applications, you can define your priorities to iPhone consulting team for quicker solutions.
Choosing iPhone Apps Development

Our iPhone development team works on solutions that will give you a personalized, yet professional feel to your applications. Our iPhone application development company holds a distinct position in the industry as it offers:

Custom iPhone App Development Solutions
Experienced Team of iPhone Application Programmers
Expertise in iPhone SDK, iPhone OS and Objective C Technology
High-Quality iPhone Applications Development Processes, Keeping Bugs At Minimum
Project Deliverable on-time and within budget
Signed Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality
Cost-Effective And Efficient iPhone App Development Services

Utilize our expertise in creating best iPhone App development solutions to launch the next big app for the iPhone.

Android is a powerful platform that holds immense value for enterprises interested in embracing mobile applications for business processes. In today’s world, businesses often want to tackle the issue of better engagement with stakeholders of the company. Developing an Android application provides a direct line of interaction between the brand and the people most heavily involved in its success, forging stronger and more long term relationships.

Well-built Android applications allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors and provide increased value to your customers and employees. We provide a variety of Android solutions to help you solve some of your most complex business challenges.

Android Services offers:
Custom Android App Development Solutions
Portability of Existing Apps to Android Platform
Android App Testing Services
Android Business Application Development Solutions
Maintenance and Upgrade Services

Our Android development consultants work with you to understand the challenge ahead and collaborate to create an effective end product that provides a clearly defined solution. We look at each project as solving a business challenge with the help of an Android app to provide maximum business productivity and value. Once we understand the business challenge at hand, we begin development.

Our experience with enterprises across the globe places us in a position to provide apps that successfully optimize business processes for a variety of clients.

Contact Us today to turn your Android app idea into reality

Mobile phones are no longer simply a mode of communication. It is a way of life, or rather, a lifestyle. The elite and classy feel of an iPhone app is an experience to be cherished. Currently, iPhone app development has led to a completely different segment in the market. iOS application development is a great way to be abreast with competition; both business centric and strategically.

For smart phone users, who are thinking of having their space in the world of mobile technology, with an application which is both scalable and robust, iOS is the ideal platform.

iOS apps are always a step ahead of its competitors, thanks to its appealing designs, classy looks and magnificent features. iOS app development is personified in an iPad.

We are a software company which masters the art of iPad Application development. We provide dedicated iPad Application developers in India to fulfil your strategies. Our skilled and highly tech savvy iPad Application developers have dominance in facing challenges with their ingenuity, to build apps which cater business and personal prospects, depending upon the need of the client.

We adhere to a strict principle of research and discipline, in the development of any iPhone app.
We have a deep knowledge of the Apple development market, which helps us to channelize the strengths of the iOS apps, and stay wary of the weakness of similar apps, ultimately leading to a successful development of an iPhone application.
Excellence in the same.
We focus our efforts on the target audience as well, study the general patterns of the masses in general, the hits and misses in the mobile app world, and then strategize a perfect blend for the Apple app development.
We understands the fact that simplicity is what attracts the users.

We take great efforts to make our iPhone app development as simple and easy as possible, so that it would like to get more out of the app. Our technical expertise of the iPhone SDK and other app development tools along with the team of experienced personnel, act in our advantage.

Android application development shows the competence in the mobile technology, and the market space it has covered in such a short span of time. The dependency on smart phones gives rise to android software development, considering its rapport with the OS of maximum mobile phones. Android software development is trending in the market, and will remain in demand for a long time to come.

The usage and popularity of android supporting smart phones is ever increasing. It is unique because multiple applications can be run at the same time. Due to its open source nature, which can be achieved by android apps is next to none. Statistics speak for it regarding the exponential surge in the android market.

The range and budgets in android software cater it as a very profitable approach. Android apps leverage income from your ideas and visions, at a global level. More and more mobile phone giants are switching over to Android, because of its look, feel, dynamism, ease of usage, quick responsiveness and many more reasons.

We provide state of the art android software development in diverse fields like

Design apps
Communication apps
Games and utilities
Custom applications
Integration of Android software with ERP frameworks, for seamless and up to date information about sensitive and important data.

Many such layers of android software are developed at our firm. it gives you the chance to act in vogue with the Google app development ventures. We possess sound technical prowess over the Android platform and offer you varied solutions for the development of your android app. From conventional apps to brainstorms, you name it and we deliver it. Such is our supremacy over the open source droid development.

Our dedicated android team is in vogue with the new releases and hence, stays abridge the various versions. With our technical expertise, the impact and advantages can be exploited to the maximum. Droid development is a challenge which we greatly enjoy, as nothing is more satisfying than a more than awed client!

In today’s world, the constantly changing economy, and the boom in the global market, often poses difficult challenges for your business. Therefore, if you want to keep your business moving forward and, be ahead of the game, you have to keep up with the latest technology. Mobility has been acknowledged as the most troublesome technology that modernization has faced today.

In the recent times, cell phone devices have developed from just simply providing email and data on the move, to the introduction of new applications and services that have the immense perspective of changing the way companies do business. Mobility has helped the companies to make contextual data more available to customers.

Mobile technologies have set free innovative solutions that are of tremendous help in the way businesses are done today If you want to take the world in your stride and make your business flourish, then enterprise mobility solution is the answer to all your needs. It understands your business needs and provides enterprise mobility solution at much affordable rate.

Business Transformation: We help our clients attain customer centric mobility solution. Be it seamless access of content or development of mobile apps, we provide all to suit your business needs.

Accelerating Innovation: Be it services based on location or mobile wallets, we help to co-create a solution to suit our clients needs. We believe in constant innovation and hastened delivery.

Proficient Operation: We also help in boosting your entire operation system. Our enterprise mobility services can change the way your employees work, we can automate various internal processes of the company and boost your companys output.

Application Development and Maintenance

We provide application design and implementation services to build and manage scalable and flexible architecture in response to our clients business needs. Since technology is what provides dynamism to business functionality on the Internet, while building the application architecture, we consider issues like scalability and security of the system along with the functionality requirements and the development tools. The result is a system that has the flexibility to grow and adapt to the pace of the digital economy.

Our solutions include:

Web Programming
Content Management
Custom Solutions
Database Development
Application Integration

Web Programming

We are extremely proficient at programming for websites and web-based applications. Our expertise spans server-side programming (including Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Pages (JSP), PHP, Cold Fusion, to client-side programming (VBscript, Javascript, DHTML). Our delivery processes ensure that the code written by us is error-free, well documented, and scalable. We use cutting-edge technology frameworks like Dot Net and XML to ensure that the best-of-the-breed technology is incorporated into the work that we do. Content Management

We believe that websites are about content. The primary use of the web in business is the sharing of information between an organization and its customers, and among its employees and strategic partners. However, to be effective, this information must be:

Timely - posted quickly to the site with minimum delay;
Accurate - correct, authorized by the expert of that content;
Deep - small summary blurbs lead to detailed information, link to related content;
Accessible - placed logically and properly in a site's navigation, with no broken links

This may sound simple, but the continual maintenance of site content is a task that stalls because the people responsible for creating the content (e.g. sales and marketing) are not enabled to directly place that content on the web. creates a customized content management system for its customers so that website content can stay refreshed at all times through. Our solutions allow content creators to securely manage content on their websites without having to learning programming. Updated content yields a high return-on-investment, it encourages users of a website to revisit the website for fresh content.

Custom Solutions

We develop and deploy solutions after capturing and analysing system requirements. We build solutions on the Object Oriented Programming technology, distributed cross-platform communication using .NET, COM+, enterprise wide content and data distribution using common databases and data standards implemented with XML, middleware and message queuing. Our approach enables us to enhance and maintain productivity in our software development process.

Database Development

As business on the web gets more serious, there is a need to create, maintain and store large amounts of consumer and business data. We enable our customers to not only develop large, scalable databases that allow for fast capture and retrieval of information, but also integrate existing databases with online databases.

Getting the database up and running is just one part of the picture. To make sense of the data residing in the database, we use integrated Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) services to perform sophisticated analysis on large and complex relational databases. Our data warehousing and data mining capabilities provide business intelligence solutions that lets users store data in a multidimensional data warehouse and use OLAP tools to retrieve historical information in meaningful ways.

Web and Internet-based technologies are increasingly being used to bring employees, vendors, partners together in order to streamline HR and business processes. We can help you leverage these for bringing in greater efficiencies.

Intranets bring employees together providing instant access to policies & procedures, online training and information sharing. We integrates your existing systems and new knowledge-management-repositories, with the latest tools and technologies, including: Interactive training programs; Streaming Media delivery, Electronic Forms, Inter-office bulletin boards, Discussion groups, and Central warehousing and distribution of media and files.

Our network applications that let your company use the Internet for secure business relationships with partners, suppliers and customers. With Extranets, businesses gain the competitive advantage of extending their internal systems to external business partners, while making sure that the security of the information and it's access is controlled and maintained.

We have a wide range of applications and can be used by companies like banks, financial firms, software and technology firms, digital media and publishing companies, manufacturing companies, services companies...

Application Integration

Integration of readymade solutions greatly reduces your time to market, but very often requires the business processes to adapt to the workflow of the vendor solution. We can adapt your system requirements to that of the solution to enable your business to derive the maximum benefit from the product and the reduced development timelines. We support an extensive platform solution set, including:

Development tools and components
Application and Web servers
Commerce and Payment Processing engines
Personalization and Content Management
Database installation, integration and maintenance

The modern business is completely Internet driven and stiff online competition makes it mandatory for every business to devise its strategy. Offshore application development brings in the much needed vibrancy in your business so that you can enjoy competitive edge and push up your ROI graph.
Custom Software Development Services

We are strongly focused on creating customer oriented software applications. The development team minutely examines and analyses the existing IT processes of the clients. It does the gap analysis to ensure complete compatibility between existing system and custom developed application. The supplications are designed, tested and deployed to complete satisfaction of the clients. We have expertise in following:

Custom application development
Application re-engineering
E-commerce application development
Enterprise level software application development
Customized CRM and CMS development
Application extension and up-gradation to make it more scalable for future business needs
Custom web based application development using technologies like, PHP
Client - Server Application Development

Technology Expertise

We use following tools and technologies to provide above mentioned custom application services:

Microsoft Platform : .NET Technologies, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, WCF, MVC and Silverlight
Open source : PHP, MySQL, Linux and Apache
Others : Oracle, Adobe Flex, iPhone and Android programming

Benefits of Custom Software Application Development

The business organizations need to spruce up their workflow/ IT processes so that they can deliver more customer-centric products/services to their clients. This adds value to their business and ensures a thumping web presence. Custom software development services have their own benefits, which are mentioned below:

Allows businesses to innovate so that targeted user group is best served.
Replaces the expensive and inefficient IT processes with custom made software applications for better business results.
Streamlines business practices and reduces overheads.
Helps businesses to embrace the latest technology and practices so that work process becomes highly market oriented.

We offers it client the outsourcing benefits that drastically reduce the costs of custom application development. The clients stand to gain from their business association of the following reasons.

State-of-the-art ODC that provides custom applications at very competitive pricing.
Flexible hiring options that suits the project and budget needs of the clients.
Increased client in software application development for better results.
Round-the-clock application maintenance services.
Provides latest technology so that clients gain or retain competitive edge for long time.

We provides cutting-edge custom application development in India through its offshore development center so that its global clientele can reap the benefits of robust, scalable, cost-effective and customized software applications.

We are working in Microsoft .NET technology since 2002. We have extensive experience in .NET Development Technologies like, and C#. With our early adaption and extensive experience, we are ideal partner to develop web applications as well as desktop applications using .NET Technologies.

We have successfully developed following kind of projects in .NET technology :

Supply chain management system
Analysis and reporting system for Oil & Gas industry
Online bookstore with multiple warehouse management system
Travel and hotel booking sites
Real estate applications
Different Ecommerce applications
Customized web applications according to client business needs
Jobsite, Social Networking site
Retail Industry related products like POS
Business Intelligence applications
Insurance and risk management application

Application maintenance is the most critical part of any business. As needs for business change constantly, application deployed to manage business also needs to accommodate business changes as well as additional features are required to be developed. It is also a challenge for an application outsourcing service provider to work on an existing business critical system. Over the time, we have developed process which understands importance of critical business applications, thus we assists you not only in customized application development but also maintaining them which ensures smooth operations and reduces the cost of redeveloping and redeploying applications.

Below mentioned are some of the industries we offer our Application Maintenance Services to:

Online bookstores and warehouse management
Supply-chain management system
Hotel booking systems
Product development and maintenance with various versions
Customized web application maintenance
Insurance system management
Risk analysis systems

We provide below mentioned application maintenance services

New features implementation
Configuration Management
Troubleshooting and bug fixing
Performance management
Change implementation, code review and testing

We leads in .NET application development. We have sound knowledge of the .NET framework, and possess quality experience in it.

Our range of expertise includes the following:

Custom .Net applications: This includes web applications built on the ASP.NET MVC and the ASP.NET frameworks, WCF, RESTful and Windows services, windows desktop applications
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010: This includes complex applications built on SharePoint, customisation and migration from lower versions to SharePoint Server 2010
Microsoft SQL Server: Apart from our expertise in database development, we also offer services in related areas such as BI, FTS and Sync Framework. Customise and extend the CRM to suit the customers needs,

We also possess extensive experience in Cloud Computing tools such as

Windows Azure
SQL Azure
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
Microsoft Office

Our development team has vast experience in integrating CRM and/or SharePoint solutions with custom and mobile applications to provide a seamless solution for your needs.

We regularly use jQuery and related plugins to make our applications responsive. We have expertise in integrating as a front end with ASP.NET MVC applications to deliver a heightened end user experience. We have experience in creating custom search applications on very large volumes of data.

With our .NET team developing your applications, the benefits you get are

Cross technology knowledge
Cost effective and time frame set solutions
Strategic technology decisions adding value to your business
Quality service, deliverance and dedicated .Net developer team
Post implementation support

We offer you complete .NET solutions at affordable costs, so that your cutting edge .NET application acts as a catalyst for high ROI and growth in your business ventures.

Microsoft Technologies Our expertise in technology includes the .Net Framework, including

WPF and Windows Forms
Entity Framework

Microsoft SQL Server range is our preferred database, though, if necessary, we also work with other databases. We excel in SQL Server development and its related technologies:

Business Intelligence
Full Text Search
Sync Framework
Data Services

For software development in Microsoft SharePoint, we are humble to say that we are the most competitive in the business. Our command over the SharePoint Server, Business Intelligence and Applications in SharePoint are commendable.

We recognize the needs of CRM, and have highly experienced teams who dedicate their efforts for a flawless CRM solution. We are also powerfully equipped with in-depth knowledge of the ERP Navision, a full featured Business Management Solution.

Modern business applications hardly depend on any one technology. Our development team has vast experience in integrating CRM and/or SharePoint solutions with custom and mobile applications to provide a seamless solution for your need.

We sincerely believe that MS Technologies can co-exist and make for better end user applications. We are always on the lookout for libraries and frameworks that are proven in the field, usage of which reduce coding efforts, and thereby reduce time and cost.

We regularly use jQuery and related plugins to make our applications responsive. We have expertise in integrating ExtJs and Telerik as a front end with ASP.NET MVC applications to deliver a heightend end user experience. We increasingly use HTML5 features, such as canvas and local storage, usually using jQuery plugins and ExtJs controls to abstract out browser incompatibilities.

We have experience in creating custom search applications on very large volumes of data using Lucene.Net and have used these in very complex business applications.

Offshore.Net Software Development

We offer all types of web based applications
Desktop based customized solutions supporting different OS configurations
Highly qualified in using 3 tier and multi-tier architecture
Expertise in generating Web Services
Highly potential to integrate with any Third party tools like SMS, Payment Gateway
Good domain knowledge in WCF, Message Queue, .NET Remoting concepts
Developed many GIS applications (Google Maps API, Microsoft Mappoint)
Implemented MS Office Tools integration
Integration with Active Directory, Singleton login
Familiar in Content Management System / Document Management system
Done many automation using Windows Service
Expertise in delivering applications with multi-lingual support
Developing applications compatible to almost all major browsers
Familiar in developing DirectX applications
Experienced in Crystal reports, other third party Reporting Tools
Experienced in the third party controls like Farpoint Spread for ASP.Net, Dev Express and Fast Reports

We offer quality Offshore Development Center is providing talented, dedicated developers for developing native .NET applications web based and Desktop based applications. We have dedicated .NET Application Development team with extensive experience in object-oriented programming capabilities to build world class application and provide complete solution with full functional knowledge base to meet the customer expectations with our Offshore Development Center (ODC).

Our .NET development team is expert in developing the applications for diversified industry verticals. If you want to develop any outstanding app in dotnet, hire our dotnet App Developers; we assure you to provide the ultra modern applications with superb quality and great scalability. Our highly skilled developers are efficient in solution architecture and well versed with web applications with rich UI and performance handling. We have developed several small to complex apps able to run efficiently on all major browsers.

Contact us today to know more about our .NET web development services or to hire our .NET Application developers for your needs.

Business Consulting Services

Advanced IT Business Consulting to Realize Strategic Business Needs and Deliver Long-term Profitable Outcomes

In order to achieve long-term business goals, it is essential for companies to adopt the most advanced and appropriate IT technology. We proffer cutting-edge IT Consulting Services by realizing the strategic business needs of your company for streamlines complicated processes that help in improving the bottom line. If you want to transform your existing operations with the most recent technology that gives the enduring result to empower your business with more profitable outcomes, you need an efficient service of IT Business Consulting Experts.

As a one of the reputed Information Technology Companies in India, we have strength to comprehend IT needs of businesses from the different industry verticals. Before adopting any IT technology or solution, it becomes needful to figure out customers through business procedures. Any IT technology or application works perfectly only if it designed and developed after fully understanding its mandatory and overall necessity. We have knowledgeable Information Technology Consultants with proficiency to analysis comprehensive needs of businesses and suggest the most suitable IT technology and solution that helps them to gain desirable outcomes and objectives.

As an experienced IT business consulting service provider, our key focus is to abridge the space between the organizations and their need for IT to realize them the significant value of their IT investments. We assure them that how a strategic IT implementation help them to transform their business for sustainable growth.

Benefits of Expert Information Technology Services

Our proven IT Consulting Services help your businesses in many ways as shown below.

Considerate the complete business operations and decide how an IT technology can help organizations to overcome difficulties and help them to stay competitive.

Nowadays, respond aggressively the changing market needs, businesses need an agile business process with innovations. To stay ahead and attain long-term profitability requires ongoing transformation of business. Our IT business consulting proffers highly integrated, result-oriented, cutting-edge and end-to-end IT solutions helps your company to gain eternal benefits.

We also give appropriate consultation for implementation or migration of any existing IT system that helps to cut down your major IT cost. For removing operational constraints of IT, we also provide efficient assistant helpful for your company.

Right from understanding of your business process to successful deployment of your IT system using the most appropriate and advanced IT technology and efficiency of our expert IT professionals, we have the capability to deliver successful IT solutions that lead you on the path of success. Our strategic planning, foolproof data analysis, system architecture and implementation of most recent IT technology help our customers to gain long-lasting advantages for their investment.

Business consulting services play the part of providing the business process management solutions by the means of which the requisite goals can be achieved by an enterprise.

Process management consulting helps in learning the methodologies and techniques in analyzing data, which can be used to increase the market share of a firm. Business consulting services study, measure and improve the operational and functional purpose and scopes of individuals and the business itself in general.

We are an IT process consulting firm, having expert team consultants who master the art of business process management solutions and process management consulting. IT process consulting is the means by which the truths about the expected, perceived and actual outcomes of any IT project can be deeply recognized.

By making use of our business consulting services, you can give us the opportunity to provide

Organizational Change Management
Strategy development
Operational Improvement
Coaching skills
Technology implementations to name a few.

Our IT process consulting and business process consulting rank very high as we follow a pattern in tandem with software engineering principles to make sure nothing but the best is being delivered to our clientele. Our methodology is actually our performance mantra, as it is versatile and flexible to client needs, adding layers to our consistency.

We offers business consulting services which benefit you with

Handling of operations
Improve maturity of the underlying process
Project delivery doctored to enhance productivity
Improved co-ordination of strategies
Negligible usage of resources
Formulate innovative ideas and solutions
High end professional support
Improve project delivery and services
Methodical and timely synergies
Cost optimization
In vogue with industry buzz word technologies

Enterprise Resource Planning
For total planning of your enterprise resource needs

Our expertise and experience with large corporations has enabled us to develop and provide unique and ERP : customized Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions to our customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solution will cater to your company's imperative needs of a well-planned resource utilization strategy. You will be able to manage your workforce with a better focus on the utilization front to take care of any exigencies in future.

Our Solution provides you with the tools to manage complex projects in a very efficient manner and hedge any risks arising out of any fluctuation in the resources or inputs.

Business Value with Enterprise Resource Planning:

Efficient management of resources
Project Planning Methodology
Easy management of inputs
Comprehensive Solution for Projects
Scalable and robustly designed
Efficiency in the Enterprise


We currently designs, supports, implements the following Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions:

Custom ERP Solutions

Streamline your business processes with custom developed highly secure enterprise applications that delivers you fast results and are tailored to your business’s specific requirements

Our experts focus on developing strong and intelligent Enterprise Applications that are in line with your company’s evolving technological and regulatory requirements. We employ innovative IT strategies for effectively managing the development of your Enterprise Applications with a well-conceptualized and Agile development model.

Besides development, our primary focus is:

Time to Market

Our approach is simple! We optimize your business operations to help you streamline your business processes and ROI by assisting you right from defining your business objectives to rolling out support for your existing applications.

We help you with your diverse business requirements

Project Management System:

We develop simple and effective Project Management Software hosting solution that help your employees connect easily among themselves and put your Enterprise in your control.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

CRMs can either make you or break you. Every business challenge is unique and so should be their CRM systems. Collecting data on the past customer behavior is not enough. The current need of modern CRM users is to have a system that can reach past the corporate walls to find new customers.

Human Resource Management Systems:

Big or small, enterprises rely heavily on HRM systems. We build amazing HRM systems that come enriched with advanced features such as analytics, role-based security, matrix management, workflow and integration.

Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems:

Functionality is the base of any great ERP system. If an ERP system compliments your unique business challenge and requirements well, then you are almost there; very near to business success. But that’s not the only defining factor. With great functionality, our ERP solutions can offer you much more.

Supply Chain Management Systems:

We develop robust, feature rich SCM systems that enhance your business from end-to-end. Our solutions streamline business most important supply chain operations and help them achieve a competitive edge.

Strategic Decision Support Systems:

Our awesome Strategic Decision Support Systems help managers understand strategy and its implications. Our aim is to make your life easy.

The rapidly changing consumer demands and expectations have made the market extremely volatile in nature. Our services are, thus, tailored to help you benefit with this challenging market condition flawlessly and in real-time. We help in the following ways:

We can help you chalk out your many business requirements and analyze them.
We can help you identify your business key challenges.
We can help you plan and prioritize framework, find solution and figure out the cost requirements for the same.
We can design and develop solutions upon your specific requirements with best supported implementation measures.
We can deploy your existing solutions into real environment along with helping you in post testing them with continuous support for present and future adoptions and modifications.

Get in touch with our experts and discuss you Enterprise project. We would love to hear from you!

Enterprise solutions are software applications that allow people to access and manage real-time information and transaction processes across an entire organization. Our enterprise solutions help our clients achieve high performance. Our innovative solutions deliver value by increasing process efficiency, enhancing workforce productivity, cutting operating costs, boosting employee and customer satisfaction, and enabling better, faster decisions.

With our deep enterprise solutions capabilities our professionals can help in designing, building and managing the innovative solutions that enable high performance. We are committed to helping you achieve enterprise-wide benefits and seize new opportunities for growth.

Our approach to enterprise solutions is shaped by:

Deep industry knowledge
Deep software package knowledge
Offshore delivery approach
Enterprise integration experience
Strong alliances with Microsoft and Oracle

We have deep functional expertise in the following areas:

Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Portal Solution
Sales Force Automation
Knowledge Management
Workflow Application
Enterprise Resource Planning
Wireless Solutions
Ecommerce Solutions
Marketplace Solutions

With our holistic approach ensures the following benefits to enterprises:

Cost savings
Increased revenue
Greater efficiencies
Improved customer satisfaction
Improved employee satisfaction

We provide custom ERP development that help companies automate, plan, collaborate, and execute their business requirements.

Excellent team for custom ERP development, in all phases of the ERP life cycle to improve operational efficiency
Cost-efficient alternative to your current manual procedures or software applications
Leverage an integrated design-build-run model to streamline implementation and provide supplemental support
Centralized access to all information helps in better decision making process

Businesses all around the world are increasing their reliance on ERP programs as a cost efficient alternative to their current manual procedures or their software applications. However, current ERP programs suffer from a number of shortcomings which make it especially difficult for the small / mid size organization to enjoy the tremendous benefits of ERP.

We offer services in all phases of the ERP life cycle. As an example we can assist with your ERP Strategy, Package Selection, Implementation as well as ERP Outsourcing and Production Support. We are there with our clients from the point the decision is made to implement an Custom ERP Solution through the implementation and support phases of the life cycle.

Enterprise (Business) solutions are:

Desktop solutions
Web solutions
Corporate solutions
Mobile enterprise solutions
Customer relations management solutions
Business intelligence solutions
Dashboard solutions
Supply chain management solutions

The main motive of CRM (Customer relationship Management) is enhancing sales and maintaining strong relationships with the clients.Our CRM application poses many advantages to an organization helping them manage large number of customers, knowing their needs and buying behavior, retaining the important ones and increasing their valuable inputs.Our CRM application brings a sort of collaboration among the clients as well as employees and thereby increases the productivity. It is such efficient software that it manages all contacts associated to business and also increases the contact list generated from sales activities.

We create CRM solutions for sector listed below

Retail shops
Software and Technology
Finance & Banking
Media & Publishing
Travel & Hospitality
Hospital & Health care
Finance & Accounting

Developing and maintaining relationships are key aspects of conducting business in any industry. Without the necessary tools for nurturing prospects and increasing conversion rates, it is difficult if not impossible to accurately track and monitor the sales process or customer service performance.
CRM Software Development India

A business is nothing without its customers. Delivering services or products while maintaining maximum customer satisfaction is a challenge that all industries face. An effective CRM system will provide instant access to the customer information necessary to assess sales strategies and customer service processes.

AKS Soft development specialists in India, the US and the UK, have worked to enable enterprises with the tools necessary for expanding their client base for years. With customized CRM software development, an enterprise can customize their approach to managing customer relationships in a secure, reliable and scalable way.

Automating the entire sales process
Improving customer service
Salesforce automation and management
Tracking of sales leads and conversion rates
Effective lead generation and tracking tools

Customized CRM Solution

Our CRM areas of expertise:

Application Development
CRM Consulting
CRM Integration
CRM Implementation
CRM Training and Support
Data Migration

Quality and Testing Services
Quality assurance and testing services play a pivotal role in all development processes; be itsoftware development, application development or any other development process that includes a variety of module implementations and interfaces. Businesses today are faced with the daunting challenge of building a robust Testing Strategy. A strategy which keeps quality, cost and performance first; that improve predictability in costs and risks; and ensures testing services that they invest in deliver tangible results.

We understand how important quality assurance and testing is for businesses. That is why we do our best to bring the best output on the table with our advanced Quality Assurance Labs and Testing services. Our aim is to deliver you a bug free solution, be it aWeb Portal, Mobile Application, Software or an Enterprise Solution.

Our QA and Testing Services help you:

Achieve your business strategic objectives
Improve the quality, reliability and performance of your IT systems
Quicken time to market for your applications
Reduce your software testing cost

Our Specialization

We specialize and engage extensively in the following testing/QA methodologies and practices:

Mobile Application Testing:

Load Testing
Security Testing
Testing on various devices such as
Different size tablets
iPads and iPhones
Android phones
Mobile OS version testing
Different OS versions such as Gingerbread and Ice-cream Sandwich, iOS 4 & 5

Web portal and web application Testing

Load Testing
Security Testing
Browser compatibility testing
Updated browsers and few previous releases
Mobile browser testing
Testing of browsers on Windows and MAC separately

The box approach

White-Box testing
Black-box testing
Grey-box testing

Test target

Unit testing
Integration testing
System testing
System integration testing
Installation testing
Sanity testing

Adopt Parallel Testing & Development – For Faster Time To Market

The biggest challenge before any company today is to regularly maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of its software systems. Many times due to time and cost constraints testing gets neglected for software projects. This can lead you to some serious issues in the future. By compromising on testing companies end up compromising on their product quality which further lead to customer dissatisfaction and increased overall quality costs.

To avoid all of this, we suggest you to run both, software development and testing parallel. This is a sure shot way to get your desired product of highest quality standards quickly. It also offers you the following benefits to your business:

Increased Speed of Development
Increased Project Efficiency
Increased Software Quality
Huge Time Savings
Decreased Costs
Greater Test Coverage
A properly working system
And most importantly Shorter Time to Market

Outsourcing & Independent Testing Services

Every project requires special care and attention. You may be a pro in development but testing is a different challenge altogether. Testing becomes even more important and daunting a challenge when the project you are working on is complex and huge. For such projects it is advisable to outsource the testing to a reliable independent testing company.

We are experts in finding bugs and alternatives to make your software and application experience best. Our Independent Testing Services aims to:

Take off the pain from the client side
Keep you updated about the latest bugs and issues that come our way so that necessary changes can be suggested in the different development modules
Ensure real time and complete issue management so that even the minutest of bugs/issues that present in the system are reported quickly
Test your software and keep doing that until the last bug is corrected
Let you concentrate on what you know best – development

Test automation or automation testing helps to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of software to give a high coverage performance that is free from errors and defects. The software groups design new software and test them before releasing them into the market to make sure they are free from defect but somehow, such software is encountered with some or the other problem when delivered. Test automation automates necessary tasks and functions in detail to increase the effectiveness of the service, which would be difficult to perform manually. This helps the possibility of better performance quick running and repeatedly working once automated.

Testing include automation of data creating test reports by comparing actual, expected and delivered test results. Automated testing's main objective is to reduce the test cases and make the service work successfully. This tool helps to record and report the actions of the software that can be compared with manual testing to analyze the performance rate. Manual testing requires a lot of effort and even after that, the errors do creep within. Automated testing has possibly opened the doors to perform tasks that are impossible and time-consuming through manual testing. Once the automated testing is created they can be repeated and extended whenever required.

Many companies found this automated testing interesting and essential to build successful projects within less time. Large scale companies considered this as a critical tool and implemented in services whereas small scale companies find it too expensive to implement. But the ideal point to remember is that this tool has added a notion about the organization’s success.

Benefits of automated testing:

Saves time and money
Increases accuracy and coverage
Helps to detect the problem quickly

Our team of experts provides the right automation test service to ensure better performance that is affordable and admirable.

Software Testing is one of the most vital stages in software development life cycle. Bug free software product always enhances the comfort level of the application user and thereby contributes to the productivity of usage of the software. A business organization looking for IT services needs to be assured of high quality standards to ensure a marked base of trust between the organization and the IT companies. We are aware of this fact and have in place Quality Assurance procedures, and software testing tools and techniques that help us to surpass the quality standards expected from us by our clients. Maintaining the product quality is a step by step procedure wherein the process of verification and validation begins at a very initial stage of product development. A properly implemented quality plan looks after the desired product qualities and defines how these are to be judged.

We developed the quality features that needs to be implemented in the software which is being developed. These quality plans also chart the development plans for optimal quality product development. Our software testing services locate software defects as early as possible in software development life cycle, resulting in faster release to market, reliability and performance. We also undertake turnkey assignments for testing of software work products with the given specifications.
Our approach to software testing can help clients take advantage of critical information which could be used to:

Redefine the application / software development process
Identify areas of weakness and enhancements
Verify the expected performance
Verify the accuracy of logic
Ensure that business requirements of the system have been met
Reduce rework that is needed to fix buggy software

Congruent Testing Service can help you with our Application Testing for Web and Windows based applications.

Application Testing - Service Offerings
Application Type
We Test
Performance & Load

Application Testing Services

Test the Functionality of your web and windows based applications
Improve the Usability of your applications
Identify the bottlenecks of the database to support the application
Report the compatible OS and browsers for your application
Provide valuable suggestions which enhance the value of the application owing to our experience in the specific domains like Retail, Travel, Healthcare, Food Industry, Operational Safety, Consumer products and Business Continuity

Automate the tests with the available test framework and reduce testing cycles

Analysis of the requirements is performed to ensure that we are able to have the big picture of the application
Mind map of the understanding is created to clarify the requirements and the areas which need to be tested
Create comprehensive test cases that cover the various aspects of the functionality and adhere to the mentioned requirements
Test cases are being shared with the developers to bridge any gap between development and testing team
Perform manual testing and create automations wherever possible to improve the quality of the application
Follow exploratory testing and Grey box Testing Techniques wherever applicable
Test the compatibility of the applications using physical and virtual machines
Third party tools are used to identify the back end and performance bottlenecks
Internal tools are implemented to test the quality of the applications
Validate the software from the end user perspective
Participate in code reviews to understand the maintainability of the application

Our application testing services can be further extended to application performance testing and application security testing on a need basis

Quality is an ever-expanding goal - the better you are, the better you need to be and one needs to live up to getting better.

Your best bet to assure the performance of any software without sacrificing on deadline and resource utilization would be software quality assurance. In any case, Design and development usually get a lot of attention while putting software together. In an event to rush to market, what usually gets sacrificed is quality.

Success is a journey and not a destination. Likewise, improvement of quality process is infinite, and marked only by milestones, We realize the significance of quality and in order to fulfill our goal of self-evident quality, we constantly improve our deliverables to match the increasing expectations of our customers. Standardization is the key to overall growth and thus we periodically review and enhance our SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) to move towards standardization.

We continuously upgrade ourselves by conducting periodic quality training sessions of coding standards, best coding practice, documentation standards and quality assurance to enhance the performance of all employees.

Technology Build Services

Microsoft .NET Framework represents a major step forward for Microsoft developers, encompassing many of the object-oriented design disciplines and managed code innovations that have become popular in business application development over the last decade.

We established a special Microsoft .NET competency center to embrace forthcoming trends in Microsoft technologies, ensure early adoption, spread knowledge and promote best practices with Microsoft technologies. Microsoft .NET Offshore Competency Center leverages this expertise to enable rapid, error free application development to solve specific business problem.

Microsoft .NET Competency Center is staffed by trained Microsoft Certified professionals with applications development experience, knowledge and development skills in Microsoft .NET development environments. We invested in training resources and developing best practices for application development using Microsoft’s .NET architecture. Currently the center focuses on developing and enhancing custom application using the Microsoft .NET environment. We also designed and developed reusable frameworks for high volume transactions, user management, user controls and authentication, data management, multi-channel presentation management as levers like web services, .NET remoting and .NET compact framework on small devices to deliver inordinate business value for customers. This means our clients experience faster time to market while maintaining technological advantage.

The objectives of the Microsoft .NET competency center apart from raid development and implementation of projects includes:

Building extensive experience on Microsoft Technology
In depth knowledge of Microsoft Technology solutions
Providing technical solutions implementing Microsoft .NET framework
Resolving problems faced in applying Microsoft .NET technology
Nurture fellow .net development staff on Microsoft cutting edge technologies
Establishing a forum for knowledge sharing among developers and architects
Implementing the best software pattern and best practices of architecting, designing and development approaches.
Building competency in chosen Microsoft servers, browser technology, Mobile and Cloud services
Developing reusable components that can be used across projects to further improve rapid development timelines
Conducting organization-wide training programs in Microsoft technologies

Microsoft .NET Competency Center expertise includes but not limited to:

Microsoft .NET Desktop and Web Application Development
Microsoft .NET Custom Software Development
Microsoft .NET Pocket PC/Mobile Application Development
Microsoft.NET Application Maintenance and Enhancement
Microsoft SharePoint
Legacy Application Modernization or Migration to Microsoft .NET (VB 6 to VB .NET, ASP to ASP .NET)
Migration or Reengineering of legacy applications to Microsoft .NET (Delphi to C#, Cold Fusion to ASP.NET and C#)


Single source of technical know how
Best practices of rapidly implement time tested techniques and solutions
Faster time to market and implementation
Reduced risk of technology implementation
Overall lower cost of total software life cycle development

Application Managed Services
We at Classic Informatics, have minted core Microsoft technologies and has earned Microsoft certifications for Platforms and Frameworks including Microsoft .Net. Our industry-oriented and focused approach makes it possible to implement and execute project of any size, scope and complexity in the Microsoft .Net development framework.

We have been serving industries for more than a decade with our top notch Microsoft Technology solutions. While handling their complex project, our .Net development capabilities allow peace of mind and satisfaction to our clients. We work with technologies like ASP .Net, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft VB .Net to develop stunning eCommerce solutions, Operation Management System, CRM System, Learning Management System and more. Our Solutions

The choice of platform and technology stack differs from project to project. The deciding factors include the type of your project and what long term requirements your business is looking at. We have used Microsoft .NET to deliver many successful projects of different scales and types. Some broad classifications are as follows:

Web Applications – We use MVC based frameworks like ASP.NET MVC 3 / 4 to develop amazing Web Applications

Websites and CMS – We use platforms like Umbraco, Sitecore, SharePoint, Kentico CMS create robust and dynamic websites and CMS solutions

Enterprise Applications – Our Enterprise Applications are powered by technologies like Entity Framework, Enterprise Libraries, SharePoint, N-tier architecture.

BI and Data Warehousing – We use MS SQL, SSRS and SSAS to develop powerful Business Intelligence, Reporting, Dashboard and Data warehousing projects that helps businesses take more informed and educated decisions.

Our Expertise:

NET Frameworks and Design Patterns

We are pros at developing custom applications in different design patterns and enterprise frameworks. We work with frameworks and design patterns like Entity Framework, MVC 3 and Enterprise Libraries depending on technical needs of the application.

SharePoint Services

SharePoint helps save cost and time in building business applications, internet websites and collaborative applications. We help customers integrate their enterprise systems with SharePoint.

Enterprise Integrations

Unconnected systems are a thing of past. Today, multiple systems are used to perform various operations within an enterprise. Therefore, integrations become very important. We specialize in integrating different Microsoft .Net development applications and servers like SharePoint, Dynamics, BizTalk Server, Exchange, Microsoft Office and Active Directory.

Database and Reporting Applications

Developing applications over MS SQL Server is our forte. The applications we build range from large data driven applications to reporting applications. We use components such as SSRS and SSAS for developing business intelligence and reporting applications. We have a team of Database Analysts and Administrators committed to helping you in making the right technology decisions.

Mobile Solutions

Taking your business to mobile has become very crucial in today’s dynamic world and with the Android and iOS phone increasing share in the smartphone market it becomes all the important for your mobile strategy. We have expertise in developing mobile applications over Android KitKat and iOS 8 Platforms.

Windows Forms and Desktop Applications

We have over a decade experience developing desktop applications. We build excellent client server applications, desktop apps, networking apps and business applications.

UI plays an important role in any web application or products today. We are experts in integrating Telerik and Infragistics UI controls and components that create amazing results for your business.

CMS and E-Commerce Applications

.NET is an ideal platform for internet websites and enterprise applications alike. We deliver excellent CMS and eCommerce applications built over open source and propriety systems like Umbraco CMS, Sitefinity, Sitecore and DotNetNuke.

We follow the Agile Development Methodology to assure you total freedom and hassle free Microsoft .Net development of your applications. The technological environment is evolving rapidly and that makes it all the more a wise decision to follow the agile model for application development. Even if you are mid way through the project, the early versions of developed software can be evolved to meet the changing technologies and market challenges.

We reduce development time, deliver responsive software solutions and work in tandem with our clients to better market their products and better meet their growing demands. Starting from planning to designing and coding to testing; we follow a systematic process to execute.

450+ Statisfied Clients
15+ Years of Service
2006 Started ERP Service
15 15+ Industries


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